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Comparing PM Certifications

Which Is Best For You?

This article on Comparing PM Certifications will reveal new insights for many readers; you are our intended audience if you are a Programme or Project Manager (PM) who intends to earn the most appropriate and meaningful PM certifications. You are also our intended audience if you are an organization decision-maker who seeks high-performing project and programme managers, especially including those who have earned advanced certifications. You expect these special practitioners to “make a difference” in project and business success.

Certification Effectiveness CubeStacy Goff – Principal of ProjectExperts and VP of IPMA Marketing & Events – believes that the selection of a meaningful PM certification should be an easier decision than it is today.
That decision depends on many factors, including the strength of the certification, and its popularity. You understand your own personal or organizational needs, but finding the comparative information needed to select the certification that best maps to those needs can be a challenge.

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