Connecting and Influencing

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Connecting and Influencing: A Leader’s Guide to Genuine Communication.

This book provides an invaluable toolkit of ideas and insights that you’ll keep coming back to …

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This book is a compendium, a collection of concise yet detailed information, designed as a resource for businesspeople, looking at communication knowledge, skills, mindset, and tools, and refreshing the application of useful models. We challenge individuals to choose to care about how they communicate – not how important they appear, but how they positively influence others and make others feel. Many of the models some may already have come across. What is new is considering why communication is so important, what mindset leaders need to make a difference, and then the right tool or approach for many work-related scenarios. It’s all about the goal and the meaning they convey when leaders set out to share information, seek input, discuss ideas, build relationships, show appreciation or open up about hopes and dreams.

With globalization and digitalization steadily contributing to the rising presence of virtual work, which is inherently different than working in an office, we also review the different set of skills to master virtual communication and collaboration. By combining real-life examples, theory and practical application, we share valuable and highly applicable know-how, so leaders will be able to grow as communicators and have a reliable resource they can go back to time and time again.


About the authors

Professor Dr Katrin Winkler
Professor Dr Katrin Winkler is a Human Resource and Leadership professor at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Kempten, Germany. As both an academic professor and having many years’ experience leading international teams and consulting for leaders around the world, she shares her insights on effective leadership and how to motivate and inspire people.


Nicola Bramwell
Nicola Bramwell has an MBA and business background in strategic marketing, general management, human resource management, organizational design and leadership. She has held senior positions in blue chip companies in complex industries and shares much expertise in innovative leadership, leading change, and developing effective communication skills and personal impact.
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