How to Succeed as a Woman in Leadership

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Connecting Confidence and Aptitude : How to Succeed as a Woman in Leadership.

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Why it is that half the population is female, yet women made up only 7% of Fortune 500 CEOs in 2020? This book explores why this shocking fact should concern all workers and what women in particular bring to the workplace. It reviews the imposed barriers versus the choices women make that reduce their numbers at senior levels and seeks to guide both women and men in how to promote and retain great talent that can otherwise be lost.

Women expect life to be fair, yet it is not. It is not easy being a woman in the male-defined business world. It is not easy being harshly judged by men and women. It is not easy having to be better than male counterparts. It is not easy having to always appear credible through higher competence and professionalism. Women have to tolerate old norms and yet take huge steps to connect with and improve the world around them. This means developing their own mindset, skills and interactions with men and women in the workplace. Based on research evidence and personal experiences, this book reveals why not all environments are appropriate for women to thrive in and shares examples from women who have shown the courage to be their authentic self and become role models for others.

About the authors

Professor Dr Katrin Winkler
Professor Dr Katrin Winkler is a Human Resource and Leadership professor at the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Kempten, Germany. As both an academic professor and having many years’ experience leading international teams and consulting for leaders around the world, she shares her insights on effective leadership and how to motivate and inspire people.


Nicola Bramwell
Nicola Bramwell has an MBA and business background in strategic marketing, general management, human resource management, organizational design and leadership. She has held senior positions in blue chip companies in complex industries and shares much expertise in innovative leadership, leading change, and developing effective communication skills and personal impact.
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