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Knowledge Centric Management

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“Knowledge Centric Management will help you in your quest for knowledge preservation and creation. Hans Van Heghe’s approach to Knowledge Management holds one of the keys to fight brain drain successfully and RE-USE/VALUE your biggest asset. When applied intelligently, it enables you to secure and re-use the existing knowledge about your processes, your business models, your information systems, your company, your success. Knowledge plays THE central role in managing your organisation.”

Marc Lambotte, Vice President and General Manager, Unisys, Benelux & Nordics

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Urgent recommendations and a practical and pragmatic framework to become a knowledge centric organisation.

This Book explains what Knowledge Management is and how it can benefit you and your organisation, describes real life situations where Knowledge Management has been applied, relates the lessons learned, sharing the do’s and the don’ts with you, provides you with a pragmatic and usable framework to help your organisation get started with Knowledge Management and begin to see results, explains how to monitor and evaluate results so you can measure the success of the programme and adjust where necessary.


About the Author

Belgian Hans Van Heghe has been 200% active in the domain of Knowledge Management since 1998, as an expert and as a lecturer delivering knowledge solutions to over 200 organisations. Hans Van Heghe is the founder and managing director of ICMS Group. He has a broad background in IT and is an industrial engineer by education, with an economics/management orientation (IPO). He has gained extensive management experience with organisations such as Texas Instruments, Bekaert, Lernout & Hauspie (product manager), FICS (unit manager) and write! (general manager). Since 1999, Hans has been an MBA lecturer in Information and Knowledge Management at the United Business Institutes in Brussels. He is a frequent guest speaker on topics such as practical Knowledge Management implementations, generic infor-mation management, Knowledge Management and innovation. As a strategic thinker/advisor, he has assisted over 200 organisations in developing a vision and roadmap towards Information and Knowledge Management – organisations ranging from SMEs to large corporations, in both the private and public sector. In 2005, Hans wrote his first book Learning to Swim in Information which elaborates on the TiNK(R) method and JERI(R) objectives (Just Enough Relevant Information, when and where needed). www.knowledge-centric-management.com

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