Managing the Gray Areas

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Managing the Grey Areas from best-selling author Jerry Manas is a groundbreaking book that touches on topics such as principles, values, ethics, decision-making, incentives, staffing, critical thinking, and communication—pulling ideas from a wide variety of knowledge areas.

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Managing the Gray Areas explores typical challenges that many leaders of people, projects and organizations struggle with, and offers a set of guidelines, principles, and tools that can help navigate these murky waters. Challenges and issues covered in this groundbreaking new book include the following:

  • Ensuring accountability without micromanagement
  • Implementing the right level of internal processes
  • Balancing individual needs with organizational goals
  • Communicating with simplicity and context
  • Assembling teams and team makeup
  • Creating positive images for organizations, teams and products
  • Creating flexible, yet integrated organizations
  • And more!

How we address these difficult choices will determine the feel of our organization as a whole—as well as how people interact, how work gets done, and ultimately the strategies of both our present and our future. If you believe that true leadership is about understanding and managing complexities instead of taking black and white approaches to problems, order this book today!

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