PM Fastrack for PMP Exam

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PM FASTrack for PMP Exam is a PMP exam simulator designed to simulate the actual PMI exam in every detail !

The PM FASTrack for PMP Exam database of 1,500+ questions allows you to take unlimited exams by knowledge area, process group, keyword/concept, PMP and Super PMP simulation.

This PMP exam simulator goes hand-in-hand with the PMP Exam Prep book.

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PM Fastrack for PMP Exam

PM Fastrack for PMP Exam (version 8) include automatic question bank updates, upgraded exam reporting and archiving, and more “wordy” questions that more closely match the actual PMI exam.

In addition, all questions are cross-referenced with the PMP Exam Prep textbook, so you may quickly and easily go back and work on your weak areas.

Why be surprised when you take the actual PMI exam?
Find your gaps before the PMI exam finds them for you!

Important : PM FASTrack for PMP Exam is created with the assistance of a psychometricians (just like the actual PMI exam). The exam question wording is very close to the type of questions you will get on the real PMI exam.

This PM FASTrack for PMP Exam software is installed locally on a Windows based computer. Program and database are updated over the internet on a regular basis.

Technical Requirements:

  • CD ROM drive for CD version
  • 600 Mhz Intel Pentium III processor or equivalent
  • Windows XP (32bit x86), Windows Vista (32bit x86), Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)
  • 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • 100 MB available disk space
  • Administrator privileges for installation (if you are not the computer owner)
  • Software must be installed to a local hard drive and cannot be installed to a server or shared drive

NOTE: The PM FASTrack for PMP Exam software is not compatible with or supported in any Apple environment.

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