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The PMP Exam Formula Study Guide

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Your PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide consists of three PDF documents:

  • The Formula Guide,
  • The Formula Pocket Guide
  • and The 105 Sample Questions.

But it gives you a lot more than just a list of the bare bones formulas like so many other PMP® prep books and on free PMP® prep websites. We understand that you need more and with PMP® Exam Formula Study Guide, you get more!

Here is a List of the Formula Guide Contents

Get a well-rounded approach to studying PMP® Exam formulas. See for yourself, how much valuable content you receive with the Formula Guide. You get:

  • 49 Essential PMP® Formulas – Did you know that there were that many formulas you have to master? We list them all. And you can be sure that they are correct.
  • The Formula Concept – Every formula has a a reason it exists. We explain this reason in everyday English. Knowing and understanding this concept makes it easier for you to use the formula.
  • Formula Variations – Many formulas have variations. For instance the Estimate to Complete (ETC) can be determined in 4 ways. We demonstrate these ways and explain the differences and tell you when to use each variation.
  • Formula Keywords – Certain formulas are only applicable in specific situations. PMP® Exam questions use certain keywords to indicate which formula to use. You learn all the keywords. Promise.
  • Result Interpretations – Some PMP® Exam questions ask you to interpret the result of a formula. So we teach you how to interpret them.
  • 19 Important Values to remember – You can be sure that your PMP® Exam contains questions that require you to remember these values. Some of them you have to know to 2 decimal points. You learn the ones you need to know.
  • 27 Formula Related Acronyms – Do you know what EAC, VAC, CPI, CBR or PTA mean? Your Formula Guide explains them all.


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