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We constantly strive for a user-friendly and safe shopping environment.
This does not only involve constant updating and upgrading of this e-commerce platform, but also being proactive for potential attacks.

During the end-of-year holiday period, we’ve introduced SSL on our e-shop as an additional security layer to protect your private data from external eyes.
SSL was already applied from the start of this e-shop but only used on the checkout and payment pages. Now we have expanded this to the whole website and applied it on all pages.

This means that our e-shop is now accessible via HTTPS instead of HTTP, and all HTTP connections are automatically redirected to the safe HTTPS connection.
Together with all other security implementations, this SSL will help us to be a safe and trustworthy e-shopping location for all your Project Management related purchases.

The Comodo Secure Logo confirms trust for this site and submitting any confidential information is safe here.
It confirms that this website belongs to Project Management Services NV and has passed extended verification.

The Project Management Shop team.

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